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Velvet jones
Velvet Jones
Appearance(s): October 17, 1981
April 16, 1983
November 7, 1981
January 23, 1982
January 23, 1982
October 9, 1982
April 16, 1983
Portrayer(s): Eddie Murphy

Velvet Jones was a character on Saturday Night Live from 1981-1983. He was actually created by the actor who played him, Eddie Murphy, who announced after Velvet's last appearance that Velvet Jones had died due to overexposure.

Velvet Jones started out as selling books and videos for get-rich-quick schemes and educational brochures and how-to videos that would prove pointless, most of which had a trashy element to them, like "How to be a High Paying Ho". He spoke in ebonics and slang, and briefly launched a series of romance novels.

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