Tony s6
Tony Rosato
Date of Birth: December 26, 1954
Years on SNL: As Cast Member:

Tony Rosato (December 26, 1954 – January 12, 2017) was an Italian-Canadian animated voice actor who has appeared in television and movies in both Canada and the United States. He was one of the cast members in SCTV. He was also well known as the voice of Luigi in the Super Mario cartoons in 90's, he was both in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World. Rosato had also acted for the Resident Evil video game series.

In a episode from SCTV, he also impersonated John Belushi who was one of the original cast members.



  • Papa
  • Vic Salukin


  • Ed Asner
  • Ed Meese
  • Lou Costello
  • Richard Allen
  • Richard Nixon
  • Rip Taylor
  • Robert Keeshan
  • Yassar Arafat

SNL CareerEdit

  • 1981-1982: Repertory Player


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