Dregs and Vestiges

The Land of Gorch was a regular feature during SNL's first year (the 1975-'76 season). The series of sketches was unique in the fact that it rarely incorperated the usual cast but was performed by Jim Henson and his puppeteers using a special set of Muppets exclusively designed for the show.

Set in it's namesake world, The Land of Gorch followed the misadventures of the haughty and dim-witted King Ploobis (Jim Henson), a sort of dragon-faced ogre. The plot was often themed around Ploobis lusting after his bird-like serving wench, Vazh (Fran Brill), while avoiding conflict with his wife Queen Peuta (Alice Tweedie) and son Wisss (Richard Hunt), or Ploobis and his assistant Scred (Jerry Nelson) seeking advice from The Mighty Favog (Frank Oz), a talking stone oracle.

With it's late night time slot and free handed producer The Land of Gorch often went to humor topics such as drugs, alcohol and the bizzare mating rituals of Gorch's inhabitants that would not be seen in Jim Henson's other, family safe, performances.

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