SNL Kristen Wiig - Target Lady
Target Lady
Occupation: Cashier at Target
Catch Phrase(s): Welcome to Target!
Appearance(s): December 3, 2005
January 21, 2006
December 16, 2006
February 3, 2007
March 15, 2008
November 1, 2008
April 17, 2010
January 14, 2012
May 11, 2013
Portrayer(s): Kristen Wiig

The Target Lady is a recurring character played by Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live who appears in the "Target" sketches.

She is a talkative, dimwitted and overenthusiastic employee at Target. She irritates every customer, and many avoid her. She often becomes enamoured with one item a customer is trying to purchase, and rushes off to buy one for herself, before serving the customer. Invariably, she wants the item for an impractical purpose.

She speaks in a strange, nonspecific action (pronunciating Target as "Terget").


  • Her only non-"Target" sketch appearance was on April 17, 2010 where she appeared on the opening monologue.

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