TV Funhouse is a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live which features animated cartoons created by SNL writer Robert Smigel.

The show was spunoff on Comedy Central, titled under the same name, which were expanded 22 minute episodes that satirized public affairs; the show was cancelled after only eight episodes.


Recurring SketchesEdit

  • Ambiguous Gay Duo - A parody of a comicbook superhero duo.
  • Fun With Real Audio - A cartoon synced in with real audio.
  • The All New Adventures of Mr. T - Voiced by Tracy Morgan, Mr. T becomes broke and has to live life as a middle class citizen.
  • The Anitominals Show - A Yogi Bear parody along with other Jellystone wildlife in this "sitcom".
  • The Michael Jackson Show - A reality show about Michael Jackson and his dumb friends.
  • The X-Presidents - Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush (all voiced by Jim Morris) become crime-fighting superheroes in this Hanna-Barbera-style-show parody.
  • Disney - SNL made a variety of Disney parodies including old Mickey Mouse cartoons, 'Bambi 2002' (where Bambi's mother is alive), as well as kids help Mickey "clean" Walt Disney's Vault.

One Time SketchesEdit


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