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Sound of Music is a 2011 and 2013 remake of the 1965 film and sketch on another episode of 2013.

Cast of CharactersEdit

  • Maria von Trapp (played by Kate McKinnon)
  • Captain George von Trapp (played by )
  • Liesl von Trapp (played by )
  • Frederich von Trapp (played by )
  • Louisa von Trapp (played by )
  • Carl von Trapp (played by  in 2011)
  • Kurt von Trapp as (played by )
  • Gretl von Trapp (played by )
  • Bad Denise von Trapp (played by Kristen Wiig as Dooneese in 2013)

Cold Open QuotesEdit

Captain George: (blows the whitsle), Children!

Liesl: Liesl!

Frederich: Frederich!

Louisa: Louisa!

Kurt: Kurt!

Gretl: Gretl!

Singing Denise: and I'm Denise!

Captain George: Denise? (3 times) Please get back in line, Denise. What a ya? (2 times) DENISE, GO, (He blows the whistle)! (Denise holds her ears to get back in line)


Captain George: DENISE! That is so enough, Denise, I had ENOUGH of your behavior!

Maria: Oh captain, please she's just (gasps) a girl, a child, a f... is... she is a human?

Captain George: Really, I can't talk to it, oh she found a frog (Denise has a frog and frog noise in her mouth).

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