SNL Kristen Wiig - Shana
Occupation: Office worker
Catch Phrase(s): Unknown
Appearance(s): December 6, 2008
January 9, 2010
October 2, 2010
October 8, 2011
Portrayer(s): Kristen Wiig

Shana was a recurring character on Saturday Night Live played by Kristen Wiig.


Shana is an outwardly sexy woman who nonetheless does everything in the least sexy way possible. She was an office worker who, in appearance, strongly resembled Marilyn Monroe. In each sketch, she would enter a room where several male coworkers were present.

All of the men would initially be attracted to her by her curvy figure, her sweet childlike voice, and her shy and demure demeanor. However, her behavior would quickly be punctuated with belches, farts, accidental urination or defecation, loud braying laughs and fits of spastic, uncoordinated movement.

At the end of the sketch, all of the men except one would be completely repulsed by her, and the one remaining man (usually played by the episode's host) would be even more smitten than when she first arrived.

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