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The 681st episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by former Saturday Night Live cast member Amy Poehler. Katy Perry was the musical guest.


  • Bosley Hair Restoration- This skit advertised using pubic hair to replace thinning hair on the head.
  • Maternity Matters- This skit is a parody of a typical maternity-oriented show in which the friendly female host is out for the day and guests must ask questions to the rude producer, played by Fred Armisen.
  • Mosque at Ground Zero- This was a commercial displaying a Republican's worst nightmare of an extremely liberal mosque at ground zero in which gay people could get married.
  • The Lean Years
  • Ladies Who Lunch, a skit about which rich lady has the tiniest hat
  • Musical performance by Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream"
  • Actor II Actor
  • The Unwatchables Commercial

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