Season 19
Premier: September 25, 1993
Last episode: May 14, 1994
Episodes: 20
Weekend Update anchor(s): Kevin Nealon
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Season 19 premiered on September 25, 1993 with host Charles Barkley and musical guest, Nirvana. The season's finale was hosted by Heather Locklear on May 14, 1994 and concluded with the cast singing So Long, Farewell, as it was the last show for Phil Hartman; Melanie Hutsell, Rob Schneider, and Julia Sweeney also did not return for season 20. Norm MacDonald, Jay Mohr and Sarah Silverman made several appearances during monologues earlier on in the season before being added as featured players to the cast; Silverman did not stay for the following season. Michael McKean joined the cast for the final six episodes.

The previous system of organizing the cast into three categories was abolished, with all five members of the middle group upgraded to repertory status.



Ellen s17
Ellen Cleghorne
Chris s16
Chris Farley
Phil s16
Phil Hartman
Melanie s18
Melanie Hutsell
Michael s19
Michael McKean
Tim s16
Tim Meadows
Mike s16
Mike Myers
Kevin s16
Kevin Nealon
Adam s17
Adam Sandler
Rob s17
Rob Schneider
Julia s19
Julia Sweeney
David s17
David Spade


Al s19
Al Franken
Norm s19
Norm MacDonald
Jay s19
Jay Mohr
Sarah s19
Sarah Silverman


  • Michael McKean: First March 12


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