SNL Jason Sudeikis - Robert Osborne
Robert Osborne
Air Date(s): April 15, 2006
November 20, 2010
January 29, 2011
March 5, 2011
October 1, 2011
May 5, 2012
Impersonator(s): Darrell Hammond
Jason Sudeikis

Robert Osborne (May 3, 1932 – March 6, 2017) was an American actor and film historian best known for being the primary host of Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and formerly in The Movie Channel (TMC). Although he has never been on Saturday Night Live, he has been impersonated by Darrell Hammond on April 15, 2006 during the "Movie Archives" sketch and most recently by Jason Sudeikis five times (for dates, see infobox), which all were during the "The Essentials" sketch.

SNL Darrell Hammond - Robert Osborne

Darrell Hammond as Robert Osborne on the April 15, 2006 episode during the "Movie Archives" sketch.

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