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Prince Charles
Air Date(s): December 9, 1978
December 20, 1979
November 22, 1980
December 5, 1981
November 9, 1985
April 19, 1986
February 6, 1993
February 12, 2005
April 9, 2005
Impersonator(s): Eric Idle
Charles Rocket
Tim Curry
Jon Lovitz
Dana Carvey
Seth Meyers
Charles, Prince of Wales (Charles Philip Arthur George, born November 14, 1948) is the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. Known alternatively in Scotland as Duke of Rothesay and in South West England as Duke of Cornwall, he is the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, having held the position since 1952. He is also the oldest heir to the throne since 1714.

Although he never made a guest appearence on Saturday Night Live, he has mostly been impersonated by multiple cast members and hosts.


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