The President of the United Statesis the chief executive of the United States of America. Different presidents have been featured on Saturday Night Live. Among the cast, being chosen to impersonate the President is Saturday Night Live's highest honor. With rare exception, this has always gone to a male cast member. Dana Carvey holds the rare distincting of playing multiple characters during the same presidential sketch, where he played President George H. Bush and Ross Perot in a skit spoofing the 1992 presidential election debates. The SNL presidential sketch was also done in the 2006 film Man of the Year, where Robin Williams played the President and Tina Fey, playing herself, was making jokes about the fictional President, only to be interrupted by the President appearing on the set of SNL.

List of Presidents featured on Saturday Night LiveEdit

Presidential CandidatesEdit

  • John B. Anderson
    • Joe Piscopo (1980)
  • Michael Dukakis
    • Jon Lovitz (1988)
  • Ross Perot
    • Dana Carvey (1992)
  • Robert Dole
    • Norm MacDonald (1996)
  • John McCain
    • Darrell Hammond (2008)
    • Himself (2002,2008)
  • Mitt Romney
    • Jason Sudeikis (2012)

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