The 683rd episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Jane Lynch with musical guest Bruno Mars on October 9, 2010.


  • Damn it, My Mom is on Facebook App (Commercial)
  • Glee skit
  • The New Boyfriend Talk Show- A talk show in which Andy Samberg, playing a little boy, interviews his mother's (Jane Lynch) one-night stand. In doing so, he reveals all the past "guests" on his show, which include Verne Troyer.
  • The Coven to Elect Christine O'Donnell
  • Secret Word game show- Kristen Wiig plays Mindy Gracin, the Broadway actress who is unable to describe the secret word without immediately saying it.
  • Returns & Exchanges
  • Bruno Mars performing "Just The Way You Are"
  • Sunday Night Football
  • Bruno Mars performing "Grenade"
  • Tax Masters

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