October 25, 1975
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Episode 3
Season Episode 3
Host Rob Reiner
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Rob Reiner hosted the third episode of NBC's Saturday Night on October 25, 1975. There was no musical performance due to the immense amount of music in the previous episode. Unlike the first two episodes, host Rob Reiner did perform in sketches.


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Title Image Summary
The Wheelchair The-wheelchair-10-25-75 An injured Mr. Featherstone (Chevy Chase) regains his ability to walk, then falls out of his wheelchair.
Rob Reiner Monologue Rob-reiner-monologue-10-25-75 Rob Reiner portrays a smarmy lounge singer.
Pancreas Pancreas-10-25-75 Man (John Belushi) learns his pancreas is on the fritz.
Fashion Show Fashion-show-10-25-75 Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall host a showing of fashion mistakes.
Golden Needles Golden-needles-10-25-75 Spokesman (George Coe) pitches surgery-free healing that involves voodoo acupuncture.
Andy Kaufman Andy-kaufman-10-25-75 Andy Kaufman lip-syncs "Pop Goes The Weasel."
Dangerous But Inept Dangerous-but-inept-10-25-75 Squeaky Fromme (Laraine Newman) tries to shoot Jane Curtin during interview.
Felina Cat Food Felina-cat-food-10-25-75 Test proves it's different than regular tuna.
The Lockers The-lockers-10-25-75 The Lockers dance around Studio 8H.
Wrigley's Gum Wrigleys-gum-10-25-75 At a funeral, a priest (Tom Schiller) lets the deceased take the gum with him.
Joe Cocker Joe-cocker-10-25-75 Joe Cocker (John Belushi) makes a surprise appearance to perform an extra spastic version of "With A Little Help From My Friends."
Droolers Anti-Defamation League Droolers-Anti-Defemation-League-10-25-75 Chevy Chase promotes awareness.
Middle-American Van Lines Middle-american-van-lines-10-25-75 Used to move people, not their possessions.
Hoe-Down Hoedown-10-25-75 A sadistic hoe-down caller (Dan Aykroyd) torments square dancersith his calls.
The Muppets The-muppets-10-25-75 Ploobis discovers his son Wisss has been smoking craters.
What Gilda Ate What-gilda-ate-10-25-75 Gilda Radner tells the audience everything she ate that day.
"Operation" Operation-10-25-75 Albert Brooks film shows a heart surgery.
The Bees The-bees-10-25-75 The Bees ruin Rob Reiner's chance to do a dramatic scene with Penny Marshall.
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