Saturday Night Live aired its 645th episode on November 22, 2008. Tim McGraw was the host, and Ludacris and T-Pain were the musical guests. There were no special guests or cameos made in this episode.

Cast Edit

Repertory players Edit

Featured players Edit

Sketches Edit

  • The Big Three Automakers (Opening Sketch)
  • Montage
  • Tim McGraw's Monologue
  • Clear Rite
  • Dateline
  • Turkey Chase
  • Live Another Death
  • Ludacris and T-Pain perform "Thr33 Rings"
  • Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers
  • A Holiday Message from Jeff Montgomery
  • Dale Britche's Down-Home Phony Phone Calls
  • Ludacris and T-Pain perform "Chopped and Skrewed"
  • Mark Payne
  • Goodnights

Preceded by November 15, 2008 Paul Rudd/ Beyonce Succeded by December 6, 2008 John Mackovich/ T.I.

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