May 22, 1976
Season 1 episode
Episode 21
Season Episode 21
Host Buck Henry
Musical Guest(s) Gordon Lightfoot & Garrett Morris
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "Summertime Dream" and "Spanish Moss"
Previous Episode May 15, 1976
Next Episode May 29, 1976

The 21st episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Buck Henry with musical guest Gordon Lightfoot & Garrett Morris.



 Cold Open   Sketch   Pretaped/Digital Short   Weekend Update   Music Performance   Other 

Title Image Summary
Chevy On Crutches Chevy-on-crutches-5-22-76 Wearing a cast on his leg, Chevy Chase smugly explains to the audience how he broke his leg while accepting his Emmy award the previous weekend. Laraine Newman has graciously agreed to do the fall in his place, and promptly pushes Chevy over a card table and onto the floor.
Buck Henry's Monologue Buck-henrys-monologue-5-22-76 Home Base is absent, as cast and crew ponder the mysterious disappearance of Buck Henry. John Belushi fills in as a frantic Lorne Michaels rushes to the lobby in search of his host. It turns out the 30 Rockefeller security guard (George Coe) in the lobby doesn't recognize Buck Henry as a star, and refuses to let him enter the building.
Peter Lemon Moodring Peter-lemon-moodring-5-22-76 Billed as the "ultimate love-rock experience", Peter Lemon Moodring (Chevy Chase) changes colors according to the songs he sings.
Samurai Tailor Samurai-tailor-5-22-76 Futaba (John Belushi) performs the second fitting of Mr. Dantley's (Buck Henry) tuxedo.
Talk Back Talk-back-5-22-76 Frank Noland (Buck Henry) has multiple phone lines to talk with the public, but, no matter how high he raises the stakes in controversial topics, no one calls him.
Dell Stator's Toad Ranch Restaurant Dell-stators-toad-ranch-restaurant-5-22-76 Kenny Slungard (Dan Aykroyd), Chief Rustler for Dell Stator's 99 cent Toad Ranches touts the great American family dining value.
Gordon Lightfoot Performs "Summertime Dream" Gordon-lightfoot-performs-summertime-dream-5-22-76  
Weekend Update With Chevy Chase Weekend-update-5-22-76 Footage of fruit doubles as exclusive film from the Patty Hearst trial.
Germasol Air Freshener Germasol-air-freshener-1-17-76 the oversized air freshener is perfect for covering old dinner smells in a woman's (Gilda Radner) apartment.
Crowd Audition Crowd-audition-5-22-76 Director (Buck Henry) and casting agent (Chevy Chase) audition a group of actors for a crowd scene in a new movie.
Beatles Offer II Beatles-offer-ii-5-22-76 Lorne Michaels adds $200 to his Beatles offer to sweeten the pot in his attempt to get the Fab four on SNL.
Not For Ladies Only Not-for-ladies-only-5-22-76 Barbara Walters (Gilda Radner) interviews film director Lina Wertmuller (Laraine Newman).
Gary Weis Film Gary-weis-film-5-22-76 On the town, Buck Henry talks to peopleshopping for toilet seats.
Looks At Books Looks-at-books-5-22-76 Jane Curtin interviews shy, world-renowned sexologist Henry T. Rudin (Buck Henry), author of "The Ultimate Expression."
Gordon Lightfoot Performs "Spanish Moss" Gordon-lightfoot-performs-summertime-dream-5-22-76  
Garrett Morris Sings Schubert's "An Die Musik" Garrett-morris-sings-schuberts-an-die-musik-5-22-76 At his request, Garrett Morris is allowed to sing a classical song, as joke text scrolls past to explain.
Michael O'Donaghue's Tony Orlando Impression Michael-odonaghues-tony-orlando-impression-5-22-76 Michael O'Donoghue does an impression of Tony Orlando & Dawn with needles in their eyes.
Goodnights Goodnights-5-22-76
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May 15, 1976
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May 29, 1976

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