March 27, 1982
Season 7 episode
Blythe Danner 7
Episode 134
Season Episode 15
Host Blythe Danner
Musical Guest(s) Rickie Lee Jones
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue
Lush Life
Previous Episode March 20, 1982
Next Episode April 10, 1982

Episode 134 was the first to feature Christine Ebersole at the SNL Newsbreak anchor desk. There were several technical glitches at the beginning of the segment.


  • Lorne Greene For Alpo
  • Montage
  • Monologue by Blythe Danner
  • America Is Turning Gay
  • Accidental Celibacy
  • Geraldo Rivera on 20/20
  • The Qaddafi Look (repeat from the October 3, 1981 episode)
  • Reclusive Poet
  • Rickie Lee Jones performs "Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)"
  • The Fifties Are Back
  • SNL Newsbreak: Christine Ebersole is introduced as a guest anchor, as Mary Gross is on assignment. As the segment opens, hands are seen reaching into frame, in a frantic attempt to clip a microphone to Ebersole's necklace; her blouse had no lapels or seams on which to attach it. The camera cuts to Brian Doyle-Murray. As he begins speaking, it is obvious that he is not wearing a microphone; an echo of his voice being picked up by another microphone, possibly Ebersole's. He welcomes her, and as the camera switches, she is attempting to clip the microphone on by herself, finally settling for holding it and talking into it, drawing laughter from the audience. A beep is heard, and as the camera moves back to Murray and he continues, the sound of a tape rewinding broadcasts across the audio, followed by another beep. The sound of a microphone bumping objects is then heard, and as Murray finishes the story, a hand reaches into frame and taps him on the arm. A microphone is handed to him and he repeats the last few words into it, then clips it to his tie. Ebersole is heard laughing, and the audience joins, cheering as he gets the microphone on. He then appears lost, saying "so..." and flipping through the papers in front of him, seemingly unable to find his next line. After 15-20 seconds of stammering, he finds it and introduces Mary Gross, who beings her report by telling Murray that he loved the first piece. The broadcast continues normally, including Murray announcing that he had become an uncle, thanks to the birth of Bill Murray's son Homer Banks Murray.
  • Juggler Michael Davis
  • The Uncle Tom Show
  • Meet the People
  • Help Blythe Danner: Danner begs the audience to send money, saying that government cutbacks are forcing stage stars like herself to appear on comedy television shows.
  • Rickie Lee Jones performs "Lush Life"
  • Goodnights


Repertory PlayersEdit


Preceded by:
March 20, 1982
Saturday Night Live episode Followed by:
April 10, 1982

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