March 12, 1977
Season 2 episode
Episode 39
Season Episode 15
Host Sissy Spacek
Musical Guest(s) Richard Baskin
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "One I Love You"
"City Of One-Night Stand"
Previous Episode February 26, 1977
Next Episode March 19, 1977

The 39th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Sissy Spacek with musical guest Richard Baskin.


The Not Ready For Primetime PlayersEdit


 Cold Open   Sketch   Pretaped/Digital Short   Weekend Update   Music Performance   Other 

Title Image Summary
Dave Wilson Is Dead Dave-wilson-is-dead-3-12-76 The sudden death of director Dave Wilson places the show in jeopardy.
Sissy Spacek's Monologue Sissy-spaceks-monologue-3-12-76 Sissy Spacek gives her Oscar speech and performs a cut baton-twirling scene from "Carrie."
Burger Master Burger-master-3-12-76 Have your burger any way you want it, no request is too odd to handle.
Asking President Carter Ask-president-carter-3-12-76 Walter Cronkite (Bill Murray) hosts a radio Q&A session with President Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd).
Amy's Bedtime Story Amys-bedtime-story-3-12-76 Amy Carter's (Sissy Spacek) ex-con nanny (Garrett Morris) tells her a bedtime story.
How Your Children Grow How-your-children-grow-3-12-76 Jane Curtin interviews Dr. Alan Ross (Bill Murray), a man afflicted with Quintlexia and who can only utter five words.
John Belushi's Dream John-belushis-dream-3-12-76 John Belushi announces that he's giving up comedy to train for the Decathlon.
Weekend Update With Jane Curtin Weekend-update-3-12-76 Muhammad Ali (Garrett Morris) wants to make his own version of a "Rocky" movie. Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) finds "endangered feces" to be an odd subject to comment on.
Richard Baskin & Sissy Spacek perform "One I Love You" Richard-baskin-3-12-76
Improvisation Improvisation-3-12-76 After having trouble creating spontaneous material about a meteorologist at a doctor's office, improvisationists Al Franken and Tom Davis perform a scene in which they deliver the news after World War III.
Gidget's Disease Gidgets-disease-3-12-76 Spokeswoman (Jane Curtin) discusses the disease that's suffered by terminally cute women everywhere.
Young Newlyweds Young-newlyweds-3-12-76 White trash couple (John Belushi, Sissy Spacek) argue in their kitchen after a failed attempt at intimacy.
Baton Baton-3-12-76 In a film by Gary Weis, Sissy Spacek twirls a baton in slow motion.
Bad Playhouse Bad-playhouse-3-12-76 Leonard Pinth-Garnell (Dan Aykroyd) presents a scene from "The Millkeeper."
Richard Baskin performs "City of One-Night Stands" Richard-baskin-performs-city-of-one-night-stands-3-12-76
Sissy's Roles Sissys-roles-3-12-76 In a film by Robert Altman, Sissy Spacek plays several roles in a series of related scenes.
Goodnights Goodnights-3-12-76
Preceded by:
February 26, 1977
Saturday Night Live episode Followed by:
March 19, 1977

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