Lothar, Org and Tyler talk about feeling vexed by the behavior of their women.

Lothar of The Hill People was a recurring sketch from 1989 to 1990.

The sketch would typically begin with Lothar's theme song, sung in full chorus over footage of Lothar running across his native hills. Lothar would address the camera with the words "I am Lothar of the Hill People! Much have I seen, and much have I done, for I am Lothar of the Hill People!"

Then Lothar (Mike Myers), a fearsome barbarian chieftain, would join his fellow chieftains, Org of the Bog People (Jon Lovitz) and Tyler of the T- Birds (Phil Hartman) around a fire pit to talk about domestic troubles, the minor annoyances of day to day life and their difficulties coping with their spouses.

They would always talk in a highly boastful, epic manner and would proudly refer to their warrior heritage and their great deeds in battle. They would often speak of their strange primitive dieties and mystical places and events yet their tales were, at their core, highly relatable to contemporary times. They were men who, despite their prowess on the battlefield, were dissatisfied and frustrated with their home life and incapable of coping with their family problems and balancing them with the stress of being a barbarian chieftain. They frequently complain about difficulties "walking" (having sex) with their women due to familial interference, middle age or other distractions.

By the sketch's end the Lothar would note the position of the sun, remark that the time has come to depart and bid farewell to the viewing audience.

Name OriginEdit

It is likely that this sketch derives its name from the 60's hippie rock group Lothar and The Hand People.

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