January 31, 1976
Season 1 episode
Episode 12
Season Episode 12
Host Dick Cavett
Musical Guest(s) Jimmy Cliff
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "The Harder They Come"
"Many Rivers to Cross"
Previous Episode January 24, 1976
Next Episode February 14, 1976

The twelfth episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Dick Cavett with musical guest Jimmy Cliff.



 Cold Open   Sketch   Pretaped/Digital Short   Weekend Update   Music Performance   Other 

Title Image Summary
Voodoo Voodoo-1-31-76 Bothered that Chevy Chase gets all the attention on "SNL", Garrett Morris uses a voodoo curse to manipulate his fall.
Dick Cavett's Monologue Dick-cavetts-monologue-1-31-76 Dick Cavett tells a few jokes to the audience before "dropping the show."
Alcohol & Firearms Don't Mix Alcohol-and-firearms-dont-mix-1-31-76 Anne (Jane Curtin) is so excited at the prospect of getting married that she ignores the accidental firings of her hunter boyfriend (Chevy Chase).
Dick Cavett School of Auto Refinishing & Upholstery Dick-cavett-school-of-auto-refinishing-and-upholstery-1-31-76 Enroll in Dick Cavett's school to learn how to install opera windows on American cars.
Jimmy Cliff Performs "The Harder They Come" Jimmy-cliff-performs-the-harder-they-come-1-31-76 Jimmy Cliff Performs "The Harder They Come".
H & L Brock I H-and-l-brock-i-1-31-76 Lowell Brock (John Belushi) and the H & L Brock tax team are willing to cheat for you.
Weekend Update With Chevy Chase Weekend-update-1-31-76 Australian mercenary (Dan Aykroyd) in Angola wants sex with Laraine Newman. Laraine Newman seeks opinions on abortion in Times Square. Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) disagrees with an "eagle" rights amendment. Tom Schiller repeats the top story for "I Love Lucy" fans.
Felina Cat Food Felina-cat-food-10-25-75 est proves it's different than regular tuna.
Dick Cavett School of Hydroplane Operation Dick-cavett-school-of-hydroplane-operation-1-31-76 Enroll in Dick Cavett's school to learn the ins and outs of hydroplane operation.
Our Town Our-town-1-31-76 Stage Mananger (Dick Cavett) describes his town to the audience.
Jimmy Cliff Performs "Many Rivers To Cross" Jimmy-cliff-performs-many-rivers-to-cross-1-31-76 Jimmy Cliff performs "Many Rivers to Cross".
Dick Cavett Lookalike Contest Dick-cavett-lookalike-contest-1-31-76 The winner of the Dick Cavet Lookalike Contest (Marshall Efron) hardly resembles Dick Cavett at all.
Gary Weiss Film Gary-weis-film-1-31-76 A tailor and a plastic surgeon make alterations to one another.
Dance To The Nation Dance-to-the-nation-1-31-76 Betty Ford's (Jane Curtin) dispenses common-sense advice while performing dance moves on stage.
H & L Brock II H-and-l-brock-ii-1-31-76 Lowell Brock (John Belushi) and the H & L Brock tax team will pay off IRS officials and find tricky loopholes that will work in your favor.
Looks At Books Looks-at-books-1-31-76 Dick Cavett plugs his book detailing his lifestyle as a Nebraska pimp.
Jimmy Cliff Performs "Wajaka Man" Jimmy-cliff-performs-wajakah-man-1-31-76 Jimmy Cliff Performs "Wajakah Man".
H & L Brock III H-and-l-brock-iii-1-31-76 Lowell Brock (John Belushi) and the H & L Brock tax team's ties with the underworld can be an asset to you this tax season.
"The Apple Follies" The-apple-follies-1-31-76 Harry McDevitt's film features a police raid following an apple's strip tease.
"I Gotta Be Me" I-gotta-be-me-1-31-76 Hardhat Al Alen Petersen is transformed into a blonde woman.
Goodnights Goodnights-1-31-76
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January 24, 1976
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February 14, 1976

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