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Horatio sanz
Horatio Sanz
Date of Birth: June 4, 1969
Years on SNL: 1998-2006

Horatio joined the cast in 1998 with Chris Parnell and Jimmy Fallon, and the 3 were groomed to be the show's next stars, even putting them together in many sketches, such as Jarret's Room with Jimmy, and Going 2 C Movies with Chris.

Jimmy and Horatio were the 2 most notorious castmembers for breaking character and laughing during sketches and causing others close by to burst out laughing with them (one example being the Debbie Downer sketch from May/1/2004, where you could see Lindsay Lohan laughing so hard, she forgot her next line).

Horatio, currently, plays a number of recurring characters, such as Vasquez Gomez-Vasquez, and impressions, such as Elton John. He, along with Chris Parnell is going to star in a new comedy on Comedy Central entitled "Big Lake".

Impressions/Characters Edit

Impressions Edit

Characters Edit

  • Carmelo
  • Carol
  • Choo Choo
  • Chubb Hotty
  • Don
  • Donny Gordon
  • Ferey Muhtar
  • Frankie Hilbert
  • Gobi
  • Harvey
  • Jasper Hahn
  • Jeffrey's Customer
  • Jorge Rodriguez
  • Kid Shazaam
  • Manuel Pantalones
  • Mr. Baglian
  • Pat Sylviac
  • Rick
  • Sweet T
  • Uncle Frank

SNL Career Edit

  • 1998-1999: Featured Player
  • 1999-2006: Repertory Player

External Links Edit

Horatio Sanz at Wikipedia

Preceded by:
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
Temporary Weekend Update Anchor with Amy Poehler
(October 1, 2005 - October 8, 2005)
Followed by:
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

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