Occupation: Venezuelan Nightclub Comedian/Talk Show Host
Catch Phrase(s): "¡Ay Dios Mio!" and "I'm just keeding!"
Appearance(s): October 5, 2002
October 19, 2002
March 15, 2003
March 6, 2004
May 8, 2004
December 11, 2004
October 8, 2005
January 17, 2009
Portrayer(s): Fred Armisen
Fericito is a character played by Fred Armisen. He is a Venezuelan Nightclub Comedian he was initially a Weekend Update character however after three appearances he became so popular with the fans that he was given his own sketch, ¡Show Biz Grande Explosion! a sketch where Fericito was joined by his sidekick Manuel Pantalones(played by Horatio Sanz) and a guest star(played by the episodes host). Fericito will usually tell jokes that make fun of Manuel which causes him to become upset at which point Fericito will shrug and say his catchphrase "I'm just keeding!". The guest will then talk to Fericito about a movie that they did recently but Fericito will point out a Spanish character in the movie who he belives should have been the star of it. Often the host would make a joke that neither Fericito or Manuel would find funny and then Fericito would make a joke that the host would not find funny. Fericito is Fred Armisen's first recurring character.

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