February 14, 1981
Season 6 episode
Deborah Harry 6
Episode 116
Season Episode 10
Host Deborah Harry
Musical Guest(s) Deborah Harry
Funky Four Plus One
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s)
Previous Episode February 7, 1981
Next Episode February 21, 1981

The 116th episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Deborah Harry. Harry provided most of the music herself, plus a feature from Funky Four Plus One.


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Title Image Summary
Is Sinatra a Hooligan?
Monologue by Deborah Harry
Don't Look in the Refrigerator
The Liveleys   A recurring sketch from January 17, 1981. Don Pardo provides the voice of the ailing father from offscreen.
Newsbreak with Eddie Murphy   Murphy anchors a new news segment. It is similar to Weekend Update but shorter, and ends with a tease to stay tuned for Update later in the program. It uses the backdrop from the Update set, with a new back desk, which would be reused for Saturday Night Newsline two episodes later.
Tennessee Ford Authority
Rocket Report
Paulie at the card store   Joe Piscopo's recurring character Paulie Herman finds a romantic match with a girl from Jersey (Deborah Harry).
Deborah Harry performs TKO
Weekend Update with Charles Rocket and Gail Matthius   Aside from the "Newsbreak" segments, Update's format is also altered. Both guests (Gilbert Gottfried as right-wing expert Atkinson Peabody III, and Joe Piscopo with sports) uses visual gags, but rather than use cards or a cutaway, they swap seats with an anchor and use the center screen. (Rocket can be seen rising from his seat and leaving while Matthius reads one of the stories.)
Dating Big Brother
Sweethearts   A Leon Ichaso short film, with Deborah Harry, Matthew Laurance, and cameo by musical director Kenny Vance.
The Waxmans in SOHO   Recurring characters Leo and Pinky Waxman (Gilbert Gottfried and Denny Dillon) make their only appearance outside their public access TV show.
Deborah Harry performs Come Back Jonee
Newsbreak with Eddie Murphy   Murphy comments on an earlier story from Update, in which Poland was said to have invaded the USSR. He struggles with the cue cards throughout.
Big Ape
The Dropout
Funky Four Plus One performs That's The Joint   This is the first rap performance to ever appear on television.


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