December 20, 1975
Season 1 episode
SNL Candice Bergen
Episode 8
Season Episode 8
Host Candice Bergen
Musical Guest(s) Martha Reeves & The Stylistics
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" and "Silver Bells" by Martha Reeves
"You Make Me Feel Brand New" by The Stylistics
Previous Episode December 13, 1975
Next Episode January 10, 1976

The eighth episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Candice Bergen with musical guest Martha Reeves & The Stylistics.


Sketches Edit

 Cold Open   Sketch   Pretaped/Digital Short   Weekend Update   Music Performance   Other 

Title Image Summary
Christmas Eve At The White House Christmas-eve-at-the-white-house-12-20-75 President Gerald R. Ford (Chevy Chase) delivers a fireside chat, trims the Christmas tree and takes a fall.
Candice Bergen's Monologue Candice-bergen-monologue-12-20-75 Candace Bergen has decided to host "SNL" again as a Christmas present to herself.
Martha Reeve's Performs "Higher And Higher" Martha-reeves-performs-higher-and-higher-12-20-75 Martha Reeve's Performs "Higher And Higher".
Mel's Char Palace Mels-char-palace-12-20-75 Mel (Dan Aykroyd) lets you cut the cows into your own steak.
Billy's Call Home Billys-call-home-12-20-75 Billy (Chevy Chase) calls his parents to say he's guilty of 26 counts of murder.
Home Movies Home-movies-12-20-75 Candice Bergen invites viewers to send in their home movies for free.
Bee Capades Bee-capades-12-20-75 In an SNL home film, Candice Bergen and The Bees ice skate outside of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
Don Pardo's Digital Gift Catalog Don-Pardos-Digital-Gift-Catalog-12-20-75 This segment's selection is a digital clock.
The Stylistics perform "You Make Me Feel Brand New" The-stylistics-perform-you-make-me-feel-brand-new-12-20-75 The Stylistics perform "You Make Me Feel Brand New".
K-Put Price-Is-Rite Stamp Gun K-puts-price-is-right-stamp-gun-11-15-75 Save thousands of dollars on groceries with this new device, which allows you to change the prices at the supermarket.
The Elf The-elf-12-20-75 A woman (Candice Bergen) learns that her brother (Chevy Chase) is an elf.
Weekend Update With Chevy Chase Weekend-update-12-20-75 Laraine Newman reports on the celebration in Times Square eleven days before New Year's. A wrong number leads Chevy Chase to Angelo's Pizza instead of Angola Prison. Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) gives an editorial response to say that she's against "firing" the handicapped. Garrett Morris again repeats the top story for the hard-of-hearing.
Tarn-Off Tarn-off-12-20-75 The cleansing agent Princess Grace (Candice Bergen) uses to sparkle her jewels.
The Laundromat The-laundromat-12-20-75 Sparks fly between a man (John Belushi) and a woman (Gilda Radner) when they combine their clothes and share a washing machine.
Pong Pong-12-20-75 Al Franken deduces that self-proclaimed "Pinball Wizard" Tom Davis fares poorly at Pong.
The Muppets The-muppets-12-20-75 King Ploobis' Christmas party is a bust until Candice Bergen arrives and sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" with him and Scred.
Mel's Char Palace II Mels-char-palace-ii-12-20-75 Mel (Dan Aykroyd) & Mrs. Mel (Gilda Radner) advertise again.
Candice Bergen And The Cast Performs Candice-bergen-and-the-cast-perform-winter-wonderland Candice Bergen And The Cast Performs "Winter Wonderland".
Don Pardo's Digital Gift Catalog II Don-pardos-digital-gift-catalog-ii-12-20-75 Another selection from the Don Pardo line of digital gifts.
Martha Reeves Performs "Silver Bells" Martha-reeves-performs-silver-bells-12-20-75 Martha Reeves Performs "Silver Bells".
What Gilda Ate What-gilda-ate-10-25-75 Gilda Radner relays last Christmas' strange appetite cravings.
The Fritzie Kringle Show The-fritzie-kringle-show-12-20-75 Fritzie Kringle (Laraine Newman) eats her ingredients prematurely.
Margaret Kuhn Margaret-kuhn-12-20-75 Margaret Kuhn says "getting old is nothing to be afraid of."
"Homeward Bound" Homeward-bound-12-20-75 Gary Weis film uses Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack to show travelers coming home to their families at Christmas.
Goodnights Goodnights-12-20-75
Preceded by:
December 13, 1975
Saturday Night Live episode Followed by:
January 10, 1976

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