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Dan Aykroyd
Date of Birth: July 1, 1952
Years on SNL: As Cast Member:
As Host:
May 17, 2003
As Special Guest:
March 25, 1995
February 7, 1998
February 13, 1998
May 15, 1993
September 26, 1998
November 3, 2001
February 2, 2002
March 8, 2003
March 24, 2007
February 14, 2009
March 9, 2013

Dan Aykroyd (born Tuesday, July 1, 1952) is a Canadian comedian and a member of The Not Ready For Prime Time Players. He was also an SNL writer, winning an Emmy Award in 1977, and being nominated again, and an acting Emmy.

On the show, Dan and fellow cast member John Belushi became good friends, and becane SNL's first real comedy duo. Dan and John left SNL together in 1979 after drugs had overtaken most of the cast and crew. In 1980, Dan and John starred in the first big SNL Movie, The Blues Brothers. They also costarred in the 1982 flop Neighbors, in which John played a staid family man and Dan played a wild party animal. Sadly, this was the last time Dan and John would work together, because, on Friday, March 5, 1982, John died of accidental drug overdose.

Ever since his SNL days, Dan has been consistently performing comedy and blues music.

Dan has come back to SNL as a guest, but said he didn't want to host. He did, eventually, when he was enlisted as host on May/17/2003, the 28th Season Finale.

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SNL Career Edit

  • 1975-1979: Not Ready For Prime Time Player
  • 1975-1979: Writer
  • May/17/2003: Host
Preceded by:
Jane Curtin alone
Weekend Update Anchor with Jane Curtin
(1977 - 1978)
Followed by:
Jane Curtin with Bill Murray

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