Brad Hall
Date of Birth: March 21, 1958
Years on SNL: 1982-1984

William Brad Hall (born March 21, 1958) is an American writer, actor, and director, best known as a Saturday Night Live news anchor on Saturday Night News. He was also the creator of the TV series The Single Guy and Watching Ellie. He has appeared in various motion pictures, most notably the 1986 cult classic Troll and as Nancy Allen's boyfriend in 1990's Limit Up. He is married to Julia Louis-Dreyfus.




  • The Human Stapler
  • Larry Rolans
  • Mike Phillips



Buckwheat Dead America Mourns (Saturday Night Live)01:55

Buckwheat Dead America Mourns (Saturday Night Live)

Hall anchoring Saturday Night News, March 12, 1983 episode.

Preceded by:
Brian Doyle-Murray and Christine Ebersole as SNL Newsbreak
Saturday Night News Anchor
(September 25, 1982 - January 21, 1984)
Followed by:
Don Rickles as one-episode anchor

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