Blizzard Man
Occupation: Rap Artist
Catch Phrase(s): What it do?, Check My Style Out.
Appearance(s): November 18, 2006
January 20, 2007
Portrayer(s): Andy Samberg

Blizzard Man is an SNL character played by Andy Samberg. He is known for being a terrible rapper who attempts to look tough, and in doing so, looks very dorky.


He is always seen in clothes reminiscent of the early 1990s. He often wears a green and black shirt, his hair is spiked at the end and highlighted blonde, and sometimes he wears round glasses, elaborate leather jackets, and old-fashioned jewelry. He sometimes wears high-riding jeans.


He is usually seen doing sample rap songs for hip-hop artists looking to collaborate, like T-Payne, Ludacris, Common, and P.Diddy. His songs have extremely unusual lines such as:

  • I throw a silver dollar and a lady gets hurt (in reference to throwing money around)
  • We wear very nice duds, Pierre Cardin and Jordache Jeans
  • Hey, miss, would you like to smooch? I promise that I'll try my best.
  • A lady shakes her butt and my thingy gets excited.

He also ends most of his verses with the line, "boo-boo-bootly boo-boo-boo-boo"


There is always one person in the recording studio who loves Blizzard Man's music and must try to convince the others that he is talented. In one skit, Ludacris tells the recording agents that Ludacris is like a mix of Barry White and John Legend.

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