April 24, 1976
Season 1 episode
Episode 18
Season Episode 18
Host Raquel Welch
Musical Guest(s) Phoebe Snow & John Sabastian
Song(s) performed by Musical Guest(s) "All Over" and "Two-Fisted Love" by Phoebe Snow
"Welcome Back" by John Sabastian
Previous Episode April 17, 1976
Next Episode May 8, 1976

The eighteenth episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Raquel Welch with musical guest Phoebe Snow and John Sabastian.



 Cold Open   Sketch   Pretaped/Digital Short   Weekend Update   Music Performance   Other 

Title Image Summary
Awards Sketch Awards-sketch-4-24-76 Chevy Chase is angered by a request to hurry through his well-written sketch to do the fall.
Raquel Welch's Monologue   Racquel Welch and Joe Cocker (John Belushi) sing "Superstar."
Purina Rat Chow Purina-rat-chow-4-24-76 The Pied Piper (Chevy Chase) promotes Purina Rat Chow to a slum couple (Gilda Radner, Garrett Morris) who are concerned about the lack of rats in their apartment.
The Decabet The-decabet-4-24-76 Joseph Franklin (Dan Aykroyd) introduces the new metric alphabet.
The Muppets I The-muppets-4-24-76 While flirting with Raquel Welch, Scred and Ploobis are told they've been fired from the show. Chevy Chase tries to convince Raquel to remove her shirt.
Phoebe Snow Performs "All Over" Phoebe-snow-performs-all-over-4-24-76  
The Claudine Longet Invitational The-Claudine-Longet-Invitational-4-24-76 Sports footage showcasing skiers falling down alleges their accidentally being shot by Claudine Longet.
Great Moments In Herstory    
Weekend Update With Chevy Chase   Laraine Newman analyzes election results. Baba Wawa (Gilda Radner) admits that Tom Snyder's hair bothers her. John Belushi rants about the weather.
Bisexual Moment    
John Sebastian Performs "Welcome Back" John-sebastian-performs-welcome-back-4-24-76  
Beatles Offer Beatles-offer-4-24-76 Lorne Michaels offers a check for $3,000 for The Beatles to appear on SNL.
One Flew Over The Hornets Nest   Nurse Ratched (Raquel Welch) won't let the Bees watch the Academy Awards on TV.
Gilda's Equal Time    
Gary Weis Film Gary-weis-film-4-24-76  
Phoebe Snow Performs "Two-Fisted Love" Phoebe-snow-performs-two-fisted-love-4-24-76  
Raquel Welch Performs "Ain't Necessarily So" Raquel-welch-performs-aint-necessarily-so-4-24-76  
The Muppets II The-muppets-ii-4-24-76 The Mighty Favog convinces Scred and Ploobis to pack it in and quit SNL.
Preceded by:
April 17, 1976
Saturday Night Live episode Followed by:
May 8, 1976

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